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Boosting Your Rental Income with Oasis Travel Housing: Proven Strategies

Are you a property owner eager to maximize your rental income? Look no further than Oasis Travel Housing, a game-changing platform revolutionizing short-term rentals. With a robust suite of tools designed to cater to both hosts and guests, Oasis Travel Housing is dedicated to ensuring your property listing excels. This blog post will explore proven strategies to boost your rental income with Oasis Travel Housing.

Seamless Connection and Customization

One of the many advantages of hosting with Oasis Travel Housing is the ease of connecting your existing Airbnb account or adding and customizing listings directly from your host profile page. This user-friendly interface makes it simple to showcase your property's unique features and attract the right guests.

Tapping into a Targeted Market

Oasis Travel Housing focuses on providing high-quality accommodations for a targeted market. The platform caters to business professionals, families, and vacationers looking for a home-like environment. By listing your property with Oasis, you gain access to a targeted audience that values comfort, convenience, and quality. This targeted approach enhances booking rates, leading to increased income.

Dynamic Pricing and Marketing Support

Maximizing your property's income potential is made easy with Oasis's dynamic pricing tools. These tools assist hosts in setting competitive rates that reflect the value of their property and the demand for accommodations in their area. In addition, Oasis provides hosts with a suite of marketing tools. From high-quality photos and compelling property descriptions to online visibility and promotion, Oasis supports hosts in showcasing their properties to potential guests worldwide.

Comprehensive Protection with OasisCare

With OasisCare, hosts enjoy a comprehensive, free coverage plan that protects both their property and peace of mind. OasisCare insures against physical loss, damage, and dilapidations to the residence and premises. It also provides liability protection, offering hosts up to $1 million in General Liability coverage, and covers necessary medical expenses incurred by guests. Furthermore, OasisCare covers even unique concerns, such as bed bug infestation remediation, providing specific monetary support based on the size of your unit.

Serving Specialized Needs: Travel Nurses

Oasis recognizes the unique accommodation needs of various professional sectors, particularly travel nurses. The platform links to staffing platforms and automatically displays the best homes within your budget within a 5-mile radius of your next assignment. By catering to this specialized need, hosts can tap into a consistent and reliable market, further boosting their rental income.


With its host-friendly features, targeted market, and comprehensive protection plan, Oasis Travel Housing offers an unprecedented opportunity to enhance your rental income. Whether you're a seasoned host or new to the game, Oasis Travel Housing equips you with the tools and support you need to succeed. Explore the benefits of hosting with Oasis today, and unlock your property's income potential.


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