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Journeying with Oasis: A Day in the Life of a Travel Nurse


Travel nursing can be an exciting, rewarding, yet challenging profession. The lifestyle demands adaptability, resilience, and a strong sense of purpose. However, finding comfortable, affordable, and conveniently located accommodations shouldn't be part of the challenge. This is where Oasis Travel Housing comes into play, providing a seamless housing experience tailored to the needs of travel nurses. Let's delve into a day in the life of a travel nurse using Oasis Travel Housing, and explore how we facilitate their journey.

The Oasis Morning: Starting the Day Right

For a travel nurse, every morning is the beginning of new experiences and challenges. They wake up in a top-quality, fully furnished home, found and booked easily through the Oasis app​1​. This home, located within a 5-mile radius of their assignment, ensures a stress-free commute and more time for a fulfilling breakfast or a few extra minutes of sleep​1​.

With Oasis, extending the stay or understanding the lease terms is a breeze. Oasis' simplified leases and easy extension features make sure that travel nurses can focus more on their job and less on the complexities of accommodation logistics​1​.

A Day of Care, Supported by Oasis

As the day progresses, travel nurses attend to their patients, bringing their expertise and compassion to the forefront. Meanwhile, Oasis Travel Housing continues to support them, offering unparalleled liability protection and property safety through OasisCare​2​.

In the unlikely event of any property damage, OasisCare ensures quick resolution with its no-deductible policy and a minimum claim of just $50. Even minor issues can be addressed promptly, maintaining the highest standards of comfort and convenience for our travel nurses​2​.

Evening Downtime: Relaxation Made Easy

After a challenging day of caring for others, travel nurses deserve a relaxing evening. With Oasis, they return to a comfortable home, strategically located close to their assignment. The convenience of location saves valuable time that can be spent unwinding, catching up with loved ones, or simply getting a good night's rest​1​.

The Oasis Advantage: Comprehensive Support for Travel Nurses

Choosing Oasis Travel Housing is more than just choosing a place to stay. It's choosing a partner that understands the unique challenges of travel nursing and offers comprehensive support to navigate these challenges. From the moment a travel nurse books an Oasis home to the moment they check out, we're there to support them at every step​2​.


Travel nursing can be a complex journey, but with Oasis Travel Housing, it becomes significantly simpler and more comfortable. Oasis helps travel nurses focus on what truly matters - providing exceptional care to their patients - while we handle the rest. After all, a day in the life of a travel nurse is about saving lives and making a difference, and Oasis is proud to facilitate this important work.

Join the Oasis community and experience the difference we can make in your travel nursing journey.


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