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Oasis and Corporate Housing: Redefining Business Travel


In the modern, fast-paced world of business, extended travel is becoming the norm rather than the exception. With this shift comes the need for accommodation that caters to the specific needs of the corporate traveler. Oasis Travel Housing is at the forefront of this revolution, providing quality, convenience, and comfort for professionals on the move.

Tailored Comfort for Corporate Travelers

Traditional accommodations often fall short when it comes to the specific needs of corporate travelers. Unlike a standard hotel room, Oasis Travel Housing offers fully furnished rentals, providing the comfort and convenience of a home away from home. With listings across the country, Oasis ensures that wherever your business takes you, a comfortable place to stay is just a few clicks away on the Oasis app.

Easy Extensions for Seamless Stays

Business travel often comes with uncertainties - meetings get extended, projects run over, and last-minute changes can mean you need to stay longer than anticipated. With Oasis, extending your stay is as easy as submitting a request to your host. This intuitive feature provides stability, ensuring you have a home base for as long as you need it, taking one more worry off your plate when on the road for business​1​​2​.

Simplified Leases: More Time for Work and Rest

Navigating lease agreements can be a time-consuming and stressful process, particularly when you're focused on the demands of your job. Oasis offers simplified leases, using an intuitive approach to make the complexities of a lease simple and easy to understand. This saves you precious time, allowing you to concentrate more on your work and less on paperwork, bringing a sense of ease and efficiency to your corporate travel experience​1​​2​.

Convenient Locations: Reducing Travel Stress

Long commutes can add unnecessary stress to your work trip. Oasis understands this and offers accommodations in convenient locations across the country. This means you can find a place close to your work or meeting venue, reducing your commute time and giving you more time to relax after a hard day's work​1​​2​.

Specialized Solutions for Travel Nurses

In addition to catering to the corporate world, Oasis offers specialized solutions for travel nurses. By linking to your staffing platform, Oasis shows you the best homes within your budget and within 5 miles of your next assignment. This feature not only saves you time on commuting but also alleviates the stress of finding suitable accommodations, allowing you to focus more on your work and less on logistics​1​​2​.


Corporate travel doesn't have to be a daunting prospect. With Oasis Travel Housing, you get quality, convenience, and comfort, all designed to make your business travel as smooth as possible. From easy extensions and simplified leases to convenient locations and specialized solutions for travel nurses, Oasis redefines what business travel can be. So, the next time your job takes you on the road, choose Oasis - because you deserve a home that supports your work, nurtures your life, and enhances your travel experience.


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