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Travel Nursing with Oasis: A Closer Look


Travel nursing is a demanding yet rewarding career path. It offers the opportunity to explore various locations, learn from diverse healthcare environments, and make a real difference in patients' lives. However, the transient nature of this job presents unique challenges, not the least of which is securing suitable housing. Enter Oasis Travel Housing, an app designed to make travel nursing a breeze by providing top-quality, affordable, and conveniently located accommodations​1​.

The Unique Needs of Travel Nurses

Travel nurses face distinct circumstances that require special considerations. They frequently move across the country, often on short notice, to fill temporary roles in healthcare facilities. This lifestyle necessitates flexible, hassle-free housing solutions. Oasis understands these unique needs and has designed its services to cater to them.

With Oasis, travel nurses can find a home away from home, conveniently located within a 5-mile radius of their assignment. This proximity reduces commute time, enabling nurses to spend more time resting, exploring their new locale, or catching up on personal pursuits​1​.

Oasis' Solutions Tailored for Travel Nurses

Oasis goes beyond simply providing a platform for finding housing. It's a comprehensive service that considers the nuanced needs of travel nurses. Through its easy-to-use interface, travel nurses can effortlessly find and book top-quality furnished homes that fit their budget.

Seamless Leasing

Oasis aims to simplify the leasing process. It offers an intuitive approach to communicating lease complexities, making them easy to understand for users. This transparency allows travel nurses to focus on their primary duty—providing quality patient care—instead of getting tangled in complicated lease terms​1​.

Easy Extensions

The unpredictable nature of travel nursing often calls for extensions in housing contracts. Understanding this, Oasis has made the process of extending stays straightforward. With just a few clicks, travel nurses can submit their extension requests to hosts, making unexpected extensions less stressful​1​.

Personalized Recommendations

When a travel nurse links their staffing platform with Oasis, the app automatically shows the best homes within their budget that are close to their next assignment. This personalized recommendation system saves time and effort, making the house-hunting process efficient and enjoyable​1​.

The Oasis Experience: A Partner in Your Journey

Choosing Oasis Travel Housing means choosing a partner that understands and caters to the unique challenges of travel nursing. From the moment a travel nurse books an Oasis home to the moment they check out, Oasis offers comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth and comfortable stay.

In contrast to traditional accommodation options, Oasis offers a sense of community, connecting travel nurses with hosts across the country who are ready to welcome them into their homes. This sense of belonging can greatly enhance the travel nursing experience, making every new city feel a little bit more like home.


Travel nursing doesn't have to be a journey taken alone. With Oasis Travel Housing, travel nurses have a reliable partner that makes their transient lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. Oasis takes care of the logistics, so travel nurses can focus on what they do best—providing exceptional care to their patients. Join the Oasis community today and experience the difference we can make in your travel nursing journey.

While this post provides a closer look at how Oasis caters to the unique needs of travel nurses, our previous blog post, "A Day in the Life of a Travel Nurse," offers a more detailed account of the daily experiences of a travel nurse using Oasis Travel Housing. Feel free to check it out for a deeper understanding of the Oasis advantage.


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