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Open Your Home's Possibilities.

Welcome Potential Hosts!

Thank you for considering becoming a host on Oasis Travel Housing. As a host, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on travelers from all over the country by providing them with a unique and memorable experience. Not only is hosting a great way to contribute to the travel industry and meet new people, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience for you as a host.

If you are interested in hosting on Oasis, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process. Hosting on Oasis can be a flexible and profitable way to earn extra income, and we have a range of resources and support available to help you succeed.

So don't hesitate – join the Oasis community today and start hosting as soon as we launch! We look forward to welcoming you as a host and helping you create unforgettable travel experiences for your guests.

Find out what you could earn as a Host with Oasis

Hosting with us is as easy as connecting your Airbnb account, your listing information will be imported and updated automatically, then you can further customize your listing information and features for Oasis travelers.

Not on Airbnb? No problem! You can add and customize listings directly from your host profile page.

Hosts earn an average of*

$2,000 - $5,000 /month

They earn

$100-250 /night

They're booked

8-13 weeks avg.

Home rental for travelers

Total Protection From Top-to-Bottom. Forever Free.
Only on Oasis.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: With OasisCare, your property is safeguarded against a wide array of potential issues, from physical damage to legal liabilities. No need to fret over the unexpected - we've got you covered!

  • Unparalleled Liability Protection: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that OasisCare provides up to $1 million in Host General Liability coverage. Plus, we offer additional coverage for necessary medical expenses for guests, providing all-around protection.

  • Bed Bug Infestation Remediation: Our unique policy ensures you're covered in the unfortunate event of a bed bug infestation, providing specific monetary support based on the size of your unit.

  • No Hassle Claims: OasisCare takes pride in a seamless and straightforward claim process. Handling potential issues becomes stress-free with no deductible for Personal Property/Contents and a minimum claim of only $50.

mid-term furnished rental app Oasis Travel Housing
  • Who uses Oasis for travel housing?
    Travel nurses primarily use Oasis, but it is also suitable for other travelers, such as students, professionals, and families who need mid-term or long-term housing solutions.
  • Is the Oasis app free to use?
    Yes, the Oasis app is 100% free to use. Anyone can make an account to list properties and book stays. Oasis only charges a nominal percentage fee to the landlord for successful bookings.
  • What types of properties are eligible for listing on Oasis?
    Eligible properties on Oasis must be fully furnished and may be apartments, duplexes, condos, homes, or detached rooms.
  • How do I list my property on Oasis?
    To list your property on Oasis, you will need to create an account and follow the steps to add your listing. You will need to provide details about your property, including the location, type of property, amenities, and pricing. You can also include photos and a description to help renters visualize the property and understand what is offered.
  • What is the recommended stay for properties on Oasis?
    The recommended stay for properties on Oasis is 8-13 weeks, although shorter stays are also allowed. Travelers can stay up to 12 months on a single transaction if they wish to do so.
  • Can landlords offer discounts for longer stays on Oasis?
    Yes, landlords may offer discounts for longer stays by specifying them on the listing. For example, a property that is normally rented for $180/night may be offered at a discounted rate of $140/night for stays of 3 months or longer. This can save money for the renter and provide a more stable income for the landlord by occupying the property for a longer period of time.
  • How do I book a stay on Oasis?
    To book a stay on Oasis, you will need to create an account and search for properties that meet your needs. You can use the filters to narrow down your search and find properties that fit your budget, location, and preferences. Once you have found a property you are interested in, you can submit a booking request to the landlord. The landlord will review the request and either accept or decline it. If the booking is accepted, you will be able to make the payment and finalize the booking.
  • Is Oasis safe and secure for travelers and landlords?
    Oasis takes the safety and security of both travelers and landlords very seriously. We have implemented measures to protect personal and financial information and to ensure that all transactions are secure. Additionally, we encourage both travelers and landlords to review each other's profiles and ratings before booking or accepting a booking to help ensure a positive experience. If you have any concerns or issues during your stay, you can contact our customer support team for assistance.

You Can Host Anytime, Anywhere.

Oasis Host, owner of a short term rental property
"Oasis Travel Housing is a great company to work with. They are professional, efficient and always keep their promises. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hassle-free way to rent their property."

John D. - San Francisco, CA

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More Questions About Hosting?
We're an Open Book. Ask Away.

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